What We're Reading, Watching, and Listening To

How often do you ask friends for suggestions on a new show or great book? Or you discover a great podcast and then learn your coworker has been listening too? We ask our friends frequently, and always love a good recommendation! With that in mind, we're bringing you our picks for what to read, watch, and listen to. Our picks range from business/self help books to engrossing novels, and from documentaries to dramas, but they all  relate to midlife and its opportunities and challenges. 


Read: The One Thing

Arguably the most important book for making your goals a priority, this easy read will you have you going back to it over and over, to remind yourself of the simple principles inside. This book helps you to determine and focus on the most important tasks each day, and has relieved the overwhelm and stress felt from a long list of to-do's!

Watch: And Just Like That

It's nice to see old friends in this new chapter of Sex and the City. No spoilers here, but there were some tough moments in the beginning episodes. What I love about this show is the exploration of what it's like to be friends in your 50's, how those friendships flex to accept the changes in the characters lives, and how it can still bring humor to some of the more unpleasant aspects of midlife. No topic is off limit for these ladies and  menopause has its moment over brunch! Watch when you need a little escapism. 

Listen: Hot Flashes and Cool Topics

This wonderful podcast has real conversations about all topics in midlife: mental health, migraines, menopause, hormone therapy, sleep, you name it! It's lovely to hear from a range of guests from actresses Patricia Heaton and Josie Bissett, to chef Carla Hall on topics we all want to know more about!