The New Pause Symposium

Last weekend we had the extreme pleasure of joining some of our best Meno friends at the New Pause Symposium in Santa Monica, Ca. You may remember we attended in New York City during Menopause Awareness Month last year. Bossa Bars were product sponsors at the event, put on by The Swell (a community for women over 40) that is 75,000 strong on Instagram and Stripes, the peri-menopause brand founded by actress Naomi Watts. The gathering brought together the top doctors from brain health, to cardiovascular, sexual, and mental health.

Doctors included Dr. Mary Claire Haver or the Galveston Diet who visited the MenoLounge a few weeks ago, Dr. Lisa Mosconi brain health scientist, Dr. Suzanne Gilberg-Lenz ob/gyn and author of Menopause Bootcamp, Dr. Sharon Malone women’s health expert, Dr. Ellen Vora psychiatrist, Dr. Avrum Bluming who studied and disputed all but one of the findings from the famous Women’s Health Initiative that drove millions of women to stop taking hormones in the early 2000’s, and cardiologist Dr. Suzanne Steinbaum to name a few. 

Then there were our favorite “pause pals”: Tamsen Fadal, Lizzie B, Jen Marples, Denise Pines from Wise Pause, Marta from Her Best Years, Kari Gran, and more! Keep an eye out for this fantastic program to come back in the fall.