Q&A: BOSS Lara Smith, Founder of Lusomé Sleepwear

LARA: There are many causes of night sweats and hot flashes, such as postpartum, cancer treatment, thyroid problems, peri-menopause, and menopause. 80% of all women will face night sweats at some point in their life. When health issues erupted within my circle of family, friends and personally,  I looked throughout North America and Europe for a sleepwear brand with beautiful style and fabrics. I found several moisture-wicking brands, but they were using 100% polyester and chemicals in the finishing process. The urge to find a better solution occurred as I watched my sister battle breast cancer and the uncomfortable long-term side effects associated with the treatments. Women want to feel beautiful and comfortable through these times of dealing with excessive moisture and heat. Drawing from 20 years of experience in the women's fashion industry, with an emphasis in textile resourcing and innovation, I went to work creating a technology solution that would perform in the exquisite fabrics I envisioned. Lusomé was born with a commitment to quality, performance, beauty, and grace.

 JULIE: What are the trends and changes that affect your industry?

LARA: Improved sleep as a core pillar of wellness has really helped shine a light on innovative brands that can support sleep health. Getting the right amount of sleep is so important to your health. By prioritizing sleep (and being able to get some), eating a balanced diet and exercising regularly, physical and mental well-being will improve, increase productivity during waking hours, and set you up for a long and happy life. 

JULIE: What makes your brand different than the competitors?

LARA: The investment we make in R&D to ensure our technology is the best, and we substantiate our claims with 3rd party lab tests including the University research collaboration we just did with the University of Alberta.

JULIE: What is your best customer story?

LARA: I ran into a woman at a cocktail party in my hometown who told me that when her mom was dying of lung cancer, the only thing she wanted to wear was our Donna set. This gave her comfort in her last several months.