Menopause Empowerment Day Workshop and Events: June 25th 2022

By The Bossa Bars Team
June 25th we celebrated a holiday no other, by proclaiming that menopause is empowering!
We spoke to top change makers in the industry about what they think is empowering about this time of life. You can watch the recording here with keynote speaker, Stacy London of State of Menopause, and featured talks from NYC Anchor & Menopause influencer Tamsen Fadal,  Female Embodiment Coach Gabriella Espinosa, Kindra CEO Catherine Balsam-Schaber, and the founders of online community Perry, Caire Beauty, and Tea Botanics. We capped off the weekend with walks in San Francisco and Los Angeles fueled by Bossa Bars!
See what you missed and get ready for next years events happening 6.24.23!