From Breast Cancer to Freedom Founder, Ira Kahanovsky Green on the MenoLounge

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Julie: Well, hey everybody and welcome to the MenoLounge! You know it's Tuesday if we're here. And I want to hop on a few minutes early before incredible guest comes. She's so inspiring really about us So make sure you stick around and hear everything that she has to say if you catch a little bit of this catch the replay But I wanted to let you know if you hear my voice.
I have a flu, but you know what? I'm good I can't not show up for this today.

And it's because I've been traveling for four weeks talking to everyone about all things menopause and I just want to share three things from all the conversations I'm having with doctors and advocates. Three things rise to the top for me. Of course number one is nutrition matters. Number two, heart health matters. Number three, consider reopening the conversation with your doctor or somebody who gets it about hormone replacement therapy HRT.

So I'll say that again out of all the doctors, after traveling for four weeks What I landed on and of course, I know a lot of this through MenoWell, but I wanted to reinforce it with you, number one, nutrition: what you eat matters. Number two, heart health matters and number three, consider opening the conversation with your doctor or a doctor from menopause .org  about HRT again. Things have changed. It's really important that you explore all those options and I'm gonna be doing more videos going in depth on those topics.

But I just want to make sure I rise those up to the top. Here's our guests. Okay I'm on cold blue medicine Here she comes. Here she comes. I hope I brought her up. Did I do it right? Let's see except here she comes Hello Hello, hello, I was saying to everybody hopping on you're gonna have to carry this show today because all this trouble has just like given me the X oh My gosh, don't even get me started Yeah. We've been on the, we've been on the path. Let's see, here's Suzanne already asked, do you believe in meditation prayer to help with perimenopause and menopause anxiety? Absolutely, absolutely. I meditate every single morning. How about you, Ira, do you?

Ira:  I meditate for it to be gone. I am like, you know, every prayer is like, thank you God for letting me be here. But can you please take these hot flashes away please? Yes. Thank you for this day, right? Let me see through the night. Right, right. So just hi guys, my name's Ira.  Let's start again, we just jumped in. Right, I love this, I love the conversations. Yeah, so my name's Ira. I am the owner and founder of Freedom Natural. 

Julie: I love it, I knew you would just handle it. That's right, Freedom Deodorant, oh my gosh. So Ira, incredible story, incredible story on what brought you to your product. So tell us your story and how you ended up as a deodorant entrepreneur. 

Ira: Right, well, it's actually now full body care. So we've gone beyond the deodorants. So that's where we started though, because you guys finding a good natural deodorant is hard. Like it sucks, but really what was the catalyst for it was my three friends were diagnosed with breast cancer.  Three friends. Three friends within six months, 31, 41, 43. Super young, right? Breast cancer was supposed to be somebody who's in their 70s and 80s, right? And my friends were in their 30s and 40s and I'm sitting there going, what is going on? And one of the doctors, you know, actually not one, a couple of the doctors said to them, it's just as important what you put on your body as it is what you put in your body.
So, you know, we worry about what we eat, you know? And like

Julie: Well, you can't optimize what you put on your body if you don't optimize what you put in your body, right? It's a symbiotic experience. So we want to get all those things right. So I was just talking about nutrition when you hopped on, but if you put some yucky stuff on your body after you eat well, then you're not optimizing that. So I'm right there with you.

Ira: No, because your body absorbs almost everything you put on it, right? So I don't know how many people knew that, but your skin's your largest organ. So it actually takes in what you put on it, you know, so it's, you guys, that finding that natural deodorant that worked though was a chore. You know, I mean, raise your hand if you, if you struggled with this before, but I really, really had trouble. Yeah. Really had trouble finding a natural deodorant that actually worked for me. I didn't realize I was so stinky and I gotta tell you going through menopause,
I think I got stinkier.

Julie: Um, okay. That is a fact. Just so you know, that is a fact. It's just, you know, my, actually my mom started talking to me about it years ago, you know, like, I'm struggling. I can't find any deodorant that works. And that's before she was trying natural. So she's trying every yucky deodorant, you know, possible until she, and she had every single item coming from every thing, you know, all kinds of stuff before she landed on a natural deodorant that I don't even think she likes. So I'm going to actually send her yours. So it's a real thing.

Ira: I had it too. So I gotta tell you, um, it was, so one, I didn't realize, and we should talk about this. When you get diagnosed with breast cancer, um, 85 % of breast cancer, that was 90 % of breast cancer is hormone related. So what they try to do is they suppress your hormones. So if you're not in menopause already or gotten past menopause, they will put you into menopause. Okay. To lower that estrogen level because it's an estrogen progressive. Yeah. To put you into menopause because that's what's feeding the cancer. I had no idea about that. And you know, I mean, like, I have my friends who are talking about like doing that, the hormone patches and estrogen and I'm like, don't do that.
Breast cancer and you look at the estrogen levels and you raise those levels and it's like it'll lead you right into breast cancer. It's truly amazing what we've seen.

Julie: This is what I'm going to share too that, you know, I just came back from this conference with all these doctors too. And there's some interesting facts about estrogen and it was related to breast cancer. You know, we had that whole study about the women's initiative. And yes, you're 100 % right about what you say. And there's some other protective things. So we've got to find that balance because this is also why they're thinking women have more Alzheimer's because we don't have any, we have zero estrogen and now we're not protecting our brain and we're not protecting our heart, which heart is actually surprising, not surprising, the number one killer of women, you know, so we got to find that, that balance. But yeah, I hear you. It's, it's scary. It's very scary.

Ira: It's super scary, you know, and we as women, we try to find anything possible. And by the way, the rates of breast cancer are going up. And one of the main reasons behind that is women that went through fertility treatments because they're raising their hormone levels. You know, it's that it's all of that. The hormones, you know, anytime you raise your hormones or your body's not ready for it, you're just asking for trouble in my opinion. But then what's, what's the alternative, right? You don't sleep, right? You become a man. Your skin goes to crap. You, you smell, you are hot flashing 24 /7. And, you know, it's so funny because somebody asked me there, like, do you hot flash? Do you just have, so somebody said, I get night sweats. It's not hot flashes. I'm like, I kind of call bullshit on that. Because I think it's the same thing at night. Yeah, it's, it's the two are very much integrated because I said to them and she goes, it's just a night sweat. I looked at her and I go, "Okay." So asked me a question. I go, "When you had morning sickness and you're pregnant, was it just in the morning?" Right? And then they're like, "No, it was all day." Right? And I'm like, "What do you think of hot flashes?"

Julie: Right, you're sweating because you're under 15 pounds of bedding, exactly.

Ira: Right? I mean, when you wake up in a pool of sweat, and that's another thing too, I have to say, we've had women emailing us and I'll be super honest and they're like, "Hey, your deodorant doesn't work." Right? And I'm like, "Okay, tell me why." They're like, "Well, we're sweating." And I'm like, "Well, that makes sense because it is a deodorant and not an anti -perspirant." 

Julie: Exactly. 

Ira: Two different things. And especially when you're going through menopause,
like I would get rid of that anti -perspirant and I'll tell you why because when your body sweats, it's trying to cool your body down. That's why when your body heats up, you start sweating 'cause it's trying to damp it down, okay? When you block that, your hot sweats, I'm gonna assume, I don't know because I'm not wearing anti -perspirant, are gonna get worse, right? Because you've got nothing cooling your body down.

Julie: Yeah, yeah, interesting.

Ira: It's, yeah, right? So I've told people, I go, you know, natural deodorant, first of all, when you're dealing with a menopausal woman that's having, you know,
night sweats and hot flashes, that is not a normal body, okay? Let's get one thing straight. Yes, it's a normal process for us to go through, but that is not what a normal deodorant is coming against, right? 

Julie: Mm -hmm, mm -hmm. - It's not. - Yeah, so-- - So guess what, you're-- - I do a lot for heavy lifting and regular. - Exactly, exactly. So like for me, I've learned that I've put on our deodorant before I go to sleep. It just, it helps me so I don't wake up stinky, right? And I don't, I'm definitely not getting stinky. And then I'll put it on again in the morning, right? It's just because that is, my body's not going through something that is a normal deodorant situation, right?

Ira: Yeah.

Julie: It's like saying, you're supposed to drink eight glasses of water a day, but I'm going to do five miles running. Well, guess what? You're going to have to drink double that, right? Right, right. Okay. Right. Because it's dehydrated. I like the idea of applying a natural, your natural deodorant at night and then in the morning,
it's just like skincare, right? It's something that if you put lotion on or oil at night and then you do it again in the morning, it's the same thing. It's that goodness that you're giving to your body and you're reinforcing what you're trying to achieve.
And that's what we need to do with natural products. That's the other thing that, you know, because we, if we want to take a natural approach, I mean, chemicals are always going to get you to where you want to go faster. Now, but is that how you want to get there? Right? No judgment. Do what you need to do for yourself.

Ira: Well, hold on here. And if you want to go, okay. Depends. You're like, I'm judging. If chemicals will make me taller, I might go for it. Right? Because I'm walking forward. I've always wanted to be taller.

Julie: Small but mighty. No, true that. Okay. Well, there is something. HCG hormones. I don't know. Anyway, moving right along. But it's true. Pharmaceuticals, right? They will knock things out quickly. But if you want to, but that's obviously,
you know, for a lot of women and a lot of bodies, it's not a good fit. And so if you want to take a natural approach, then things take longer. You have to apply them more because we're, you know, you and I are leveraging plants for the goodness. So if it's natural, it's something that you take over time, whether it's Maca or in all plant based things. It takes time. So it's not going to solve your issue in two seconds. But the benefit long term, I believe is much, much more worth it.

Ira: Oh, absolutely. You know, and that's the other thing. Like I said, most of the time when people call me and they're like it didn't work, it's because there was an extreme situation. Guess what you guys. Menopause is an extreme situation.
It's like your body...It's true. I mean, this is just, I've spent 50 years not feeling like this, right? And I've spent the last year and a half, you know, through breast cancer, and I gotta tell you, the treatments and everything else, while not fun, very doable, so anybody, by the way, if anybody out there has been diagnosed or whatever,
you will get through it, and you're gonna come out better on the opposite side. I've got new curly hair, I never had, you know, I mean, you're just gonna get better, remember that.

Julie: I do wanna talk about your story, though, because you had already started your natural deodorant company before you were diagnosed, is that right?
Because of your three girlfriends.

Ira: Yeah. 

Julie: So how did that impact you and the business? And then let's talk about your journey through.

Ira: So I have three daughters, just an FYI. So when my three friends are diagnosed, and I have three kids, and I found out one out of eight women are diagnosed with breast cancer. I mean, we were half the equation right there, right? And I'm like,
what can I do to ensure that they don't end up like my three friends? Never realizing that it was gonna be me next, right? And I dove in hard, you know, I just wanted to get people healthier. I always said one armpit at a time, now we're at one swipe at a time, just whatever. But I wanted to make a change to something that people did every single day, that was better for them, right? And, you know, it started in my kitchen, then we went to a commercial kitchen, then we went to a manufacturer.
That's a whole different topic that I think you and I can have all day long because I know you've gone through this as well, rebranding the works, right?

Julie: Yeah, yes.

Ira: And I thought we were making a difference. And I felt a lump. And here's the deal, you guys. You know, I'm 50 years old, I get lumps. I'm just lumpy everywhere. I've been cystic my whole life. I've had cysts on my ovaries. I've had cysts on my breasts. I've had biopsies. Raise your hands if you guys, if I'm saying anything that you've gone through. And so I thought it was just yet another cyst. I've always gotten them checked out. I just had a clean mammogram. And it was right here and I kept feeling it. And it was so funny because I remember I was drinking vodka and for some reason it felt like it was smaller when I drank vodka, so I started drinking vodka. It was the weirdest thing and I'm like, maybe it's just a cyst. Not that I was drinking it every day, but I'm just saying. And I went to my doctor and she said, you had a clean mammogram like three months ago. I'm like, you know what, can we check this out because I could feel it and she could feel it.

Julie: Hey, wait, wait, wait. This is what women need to put a pin in because you can have a clean mammogram and still have something to check out. Something to investigate, trust your intuition.

Ira: Absolutely. And so I pushed for that ultrasound and the ultrasound, they saw a little nodule and they're like, hey, listen, let's get a biopsy. By the way, this is my third biopsy in my life. I've done it before. I'm like, okay, great. I left on a trip to the Middle East and my doctor called me when I was there and said, I hope you're sitting down because you have breast cancer. So I sat down right away. I threw a few things. I have to be honest. I wanted to come home because I was so far away at that point and I had talked to one of the doctors. I was so lucky that I got to work with some amazing doctors while I was formatting Freedom as a brand and some amazing women that were breast cancer warriors that were telling me certain things. So I knew who to call. I called my surgeon friend Peg and she got my papers with like my records within an hour and she said, "You stay there. There's nothing you can do right now. We're going to start scheduling stuff." And from the time I was diagnosed to the time I had surgery was actually about four weeks,
which is unheard of. That's so fast. Fast, right? Super fast. It was super fast. I knock on wood. I got so lucky. But I've got to tell you though,
so we had a mammogram, we had genetic testing, we had MRIs, we had more ultrasounds, like it was nonstop from the time we got home to the time we had surgery. I opted for a double mastectomy. My doctors told me that I should have a lumpectomy. I opted for a double mastectomy because I had something called lobular cancer, invasive lobular.

It's ILC. The most common is IDC, which is ductile. Lobular is the second most common one, but it's also called a sneaky cancer. So you can't see it on imaging. And my doctor thanked me after I had the double mastectomy because she said there was no way they could have gotten it all from a lumpectomy. It was 10 centimeters, which is about this big, but lobular spreads out. So if you could factor it, if you look at it, it was literally my whole breast. Oh my gosh. So it expresses very small, but because the way it extends, it was much larger. Yeah, it tends to be much bigger. And it actually hit two of my lymph nodes microscopically, but that's enough for me to freak out. So after that point, you know, it was three months of chemo, six weeks of radiation, which is about 33 radiation cycles, which I would advise if anybody's going through radiation, get a second opinion on that. Radiation destroyed my whole right side to the point where reconstruction was next to impossible. I just had a wonderful surgeon, though that was a microsurgeon that was able to reconstruct me beautifully. You know, it's a journey. It's been 18 months now through all of it.
I lost my hair. I got new hair. I lost my boobs. I got new boobs. You know, I got a new waist. They used some of my fat to fill in my boobs. I've got more fat for them if they want to fill any more.
You know, so it was a journey and I'll be on a pill for the next 10 years of my life, probably, and scared to death every other day, pretty much. And just recently,
they found some melanoma as well. So we just got that removed. It's like, you know, you're almost numb to it after a while. You're just kind of like, OK, what else?
What else? But again, I've come out, I hope on the other side as a better human. I think our products got better because of it.

Julie: Yeah. How did you shift your products? Yeah. What was the influence? Because you were already making a great product. So how did your own direct experience help you evolve the product to make it even more effective?

Ira: Yeah, we made it smoother. You know, especially with breast cancer, they take lymph nodes from underneath. And so this is a very, very like sacred area, in my opinion. You know, when you become numb here and painful for a while. So we made, we're making new products. We've got a new wipe coming out that's even more gentle, which is going to be great for the breast cancer community. Because you can't really wear a stick deodorant for the first couple of weeks. It's actually very painful to put on any kind of stick deodorant. I think the liquid deodorants are kind of, we have a great spray deodorant just to keep you fresh during that time.

Julie: I saw that spray. I like that. especially for me, sometimes wipes, but spray, that sounds like a good option from the gym. When you have to, sometimes you have to go to the, when you're trying to squeeze in a workout, and you just have to go to the next thing and like, jizz, jizz yourself and go. Is that gross?

Ira: Well, with those arms, you definitely go to the gym and you could like,
you got great arms, dude, I gotta tell you.  But, you know, the spray, what we found with the spray was that it was great for hot flashes.

Julie: Yeah. It's a cooling effect also.

Ira: Yeah, our deodorant spray, our mint deodorant spray, I use the Cocoa, too, was amazing for hot flashes 'cause you know what we put in the spray? Magnesium. 

Julie: Oh, you know, magnesium is fantastic.

Ira: Magnesium is fantastic.

Julie: Yeah, beautiful.

Ira: Magnesium is fantastic through menopause. I wish more people had that conversation about menopause and magnesium, just because the cooling effect, the relaxing effect, it actually helps you sleep. Are you good with this shower spray? People spray it on their pillow sheets. I don't recommend it 'cause I think it's a very hard essential oil, right? But I know people that just take it over the top and spray it, but it's great, you know why? Because we get stuffed up. I found myself getting more stuffed up than ever before. And sleeping was a challenge, right?

Julie: And it is mood enhancing, too, right? Those smells are really good for shifting your mood, depending on, I know you have a lavender smell, too. I mean, I love all of the smells.

Ira: Yeah, our lavender smells our number one seller. So for women with breast cancer, though, or hormones, we've heard a number of things about lavender. The studies are kind of shitty, in my opinion. So just for me, I just use different ones, but I use our lavender, it's not on the markets, I can't say it, but I mix a little lavender with our eucalyptus spray, and I spray it in the shower.

Julie: Well, what do you mean, give us the 411 on lavender in the studies?
That does its...Right. So they were talking about you have a super fan here. Um, it's Mrs. Sacks who says she "absolutely loves your cocoa van deodorant. Perfect ranking on my EWG app." I don't know what that is. So I want to know what that is ladies. "It worked and My very sensitive underarms don't react to it." So Ladies fill me in. What is the I know, right? Fill me in on the EWG app and then I'll talk about lavender what you're gonna say about lavender.

Ira: So EWG is Environmental Working Group and it's kind of like a um The dirty dozen, you know what I mean where uh, it tells you like What your ingredients are on a level one to ten? One being the best, ten being the worst. Like where the products sit for example Native deodorant, which is uh owned by Proctor and Gamble now, was hailed as the clean deodorant on an EWG scale is actually three.

Julie: Okay, and we're and what should it be?

Ira: We're one

Julie: Oh Right shout out.

Ira: So that gives you an idea of ingredients, right? The ingredients range from cancer causing, hormone disruptors, you know all of that stuff like so they they scale it on all that. Now EWG is a little weird. I don't know if people know this but you have to pay to be on EWG. It's very expensive. But that being said You know, it's so worth it. We did it a few years ago. I always say you can eat our deodorant. It tastes like crap. Don't eat it. But use it on your armpits, use it on ingrown hairs.
 But you know, we we pride ourselves on the fact that you can eat it, even though don't eat it. But you could eat it, you know, good. That's yeah, you can eat and drink all of our products pretty much.

Julie: You know you could just put some lavender deodorant on our toasted vanilla almond bar maybe. No, no, no.

Ira: No, no, no, no. You know so actually the best one if you're oh peach.

Julie: Peach on toasted vanilla almond, peach on blueberry lemon. No you love our double chocolate brownie though.

Ira: I love that double chocolate brownie um that you're like it's almost like the best cocktail you've ever had but you just drinking you're like oh there's no
alcohol in there that's fantastic we're just gonna keep drinking it um you know it's like the best the best bar I kept eating I think I had like three of them that day.

Julie: I know you're so hungry I'm like stop eating all the bars because there's so much fiber you're gonna blow up you're only this big and all that fiber is not good. Like fiber is good and then too much fiber is too much fiber if you know what I mean.

Ira: So it's like we can't win right you can't have enough hormones you can't have enough this you can't be this you can't be we're back to the Barbie movie right you can't be too skinny you can't be too fat you have to be healthy you have to be that.

Julie: You have to just be yourself the end. Okay go back to the lavender what were you gonna say about the...

Ira: Right, there was a study a lavender about a um increasing hormone
levels um in the breast area uh the study was done it was very small and it was done with them applying like lavender extract like the most concentrated kind to somebody's armpits and breast area right essential oil which I think is not a good study in my opinion because if you put any kind of essential oil on your body you're gonna get probably some kind of swelling or you know you're gonna see a change in your skin. there um so the study has been combated a couple times but just because I'm in the breast cancer world I always tell people if you want to try one go for the cocoa go for the unscented go for the mint I love all of those you know we have a peach that's why we give people options I wore the mint for the longest time I'm not I'm gonna say it right here I am not an lavender fan, believe it or not. I'm not. I created the scent. It's got lavender.

Julie: Your best seller.

Ira: Like not a fan, but it's just, it's never been my jam, right? But I like our Bergamot Mint, ridiculous. Like I think that's, I like, like more musky scents, right? So not flower scents. So my daughter created the peach. I'm not a peach fan. It's our third best seller.
Um, you know, I mean, it's just, I guess anything I'm not a fan of.

Julie: But it's good to have choices, right? Because people have different things that they love. So that's why you have options. So yeah,
and you know, we're, we're not, we're not always our customer. So we have the thing that we know can help women. That's what we're doing, but some women love our toast of vanilla almond and has a really light flavor and others go straight to peanut butter and chocolate because they want all that peanut butter goodness,
you know, so, but we have to have choices. That's as women, especially midlife women, we need choices. So I think it's wonderful. And I, I think I need to get all of them now because I want to like try this one and this one and this one and this one.

Ira: See, I'll share my favorite thing that we have though. I'm going to tell you right now is our eucalyptus spray. Our shower eucalyptus spray, I travel right now.
We just had a special on Good Morning America. We have none left. I'm so sorry. You guys. None. Um, I bet on Amazon and it's Prime Day. Right. I think you can get it. We've got some on Amazon right now. Our eucalyptus spray is like I said, there's, I think we have a bundle of a large one and a little one. Get that one because the large one I keep in my shower and you spray it in your shower and just breathe in that amazing eucalyptus and the little one I take when I travel.

Julie: Great idea.

Ira: And I love it. It changes your whole travel experience because it can love it.

Julie: I'm glad you brought up Prime Day because Prime Day is a great day to try products that you haven't tried before. You know, we don't need to over consume everything. My girlfriend who's a celebrity declutter, she's like Prime Day. (Makes X with fingers) I'm like yes on material things, but foods and products, natural things that you've wanted to try are everything. We have is 20 % off right now. It's been crazy fun. Right. So get over there and try. Look for all of the menopause, just search menopause products or menopause or midlife, natural things like that so you can find what's there. These two days are a perfect time to get all of your products, not just the deodorant, try bars. We have a variety pack too, but it's a great time because I think women don't know that these incredible products are available for them. I was just at a menopause event with Stacey London of Menopause Guru now and she was saying how women don't know. They have no awareness of all these incredible products that are available for them.

Ira: They have no awareness of menopause. I have to be honest with you. I was just talking to a friend of mine. She's like, oh my God, this breast cancer, my joints, everything. She's like, I think it's the pills. And I looked at her and I go, you just went into menopause. Congratulations, your joints are going to hurt.

Julie: Right. That's symptom number 33 of 34 plus plus plus.

Ira: Yes. Are you sure? I'm like, yeah. I remember when I first went into menopause from the chemo, I felt like I was 90 years old getting out of bed. Yeah. Yeah. But hey, listen, the best way to fix that is moving. Believe it or not.

Julie: And you know what? We'll take that over not being able to get out of bed, right? So that's a good thing. Okay. You're giving us some tips. I bet you have some tips to help women through this experience or related to your product, whatever you'd like to share. I know you have some for us. 

Ira: So, well, okay, for menopause deodorant -wise, put on in the morning, put on in the night. You've got to put it on in the night. Your body is just not normal. This is normal to do. You would do this with a Secret deodorant, believe it or not. I really want you to stop using antiperspirant. The reason you can see my cat going crazy in the background.

Julie: Here comes the crew.

Ira: Yeah, here comes the crew. I'm babysitting somebody's cat too right now. He's a dwarf cat. He's so cute, he's got these little hands. Anyway, but your body is not normal right now. Okay, and you're going to have to apply at night and in the morning, even if you are like secret deodorant, even if you are Lume. I mean, I don't care what you wear, you're going to have to reapply. Your body's just not working normally, okay? The other part of it is get away from antiperspirant. Get away from anything that keeps you from sweating. I know it's tough. I really, really know it's tough. But believe it or not, the more antiperspirant you use, the more you're going to sweat. Your body is trying to cool itself down, okay? That's what sweat is for. And when you don't allow it to do that, it's going to double down on it. And which means you're going to sweat even more. If you think of a dam, right? And the water just keeps rising, rising, rising, rising. It's the same thing. Yeah. 10 % of the time,
okay? And detox that area when you get onto a natural deodorant. That's the way that's going to make it work better. How you do that? Scrub under here, clean this area up. do it a couple times a week, at least. That way your deodorant, your natural deodorant is going to work better because it could get into your skin and it could really start working. Okay, if that doesn't work. You can even try a clay mask that you use on your face under here (armpit)  a couple times and that right there should detox you really nicely as well. Okay, those are your...

Julie: I've never heard of that. You get those cells that are just sitting there and that's where the bacteria lives to right to remove those.

Ira: So you guys, you spend years clogging that area up here.
I said 50 years. I'm sorry. I probably started wearing deodorant at 10, I'm going to assume 40 years. I said 40 years clogging that area. You've got to open it up.
It's going to take a day or two. Okay, simple as that. All right. If it doesn't work for you. Try a different set like, for example, peach does not work on me. I don't know what it is, yeah, fruit sense just don't work on me. Right. But the cocoa that's a mint that and sent it work great on me, right.

Julie: I can't wait to get the mint that I already feel like I don't know, like refreshed. I love mint on my salad.

Ira: So, girl, this is going to be great. Amazing. It's got so many great oils in it. Yeah. Oh, it's got sandalwood in it. It's got mint in it. It's got Bergamot. So it's got the citrus mint like vanilla.

Julie: I might have to eat it. Just kidding. Okay, it takes We just tell you the tip of the day is to use your deodorant twice a day and then the bonus in that is to use your wipes. Right. Do you have wipes now?

Ira: We don't have the wipes out yet. No, no, no. We have makeup wipes. Check your makeup wipes. If you use makeup wipes, check your makeup wipes. They're full of crap. Full of crap.

Julie: Just enough. Oh, okay. Are you going to out the Neutrogena ones that I use every day?

Ira: Oh, we're getting rid of Neutrogena, say buh -bye buh -bye buh -bye. Listen,
okay, you can have the experience. Our wipes are amazing or make up I see get them on our website. right now. And like we just went into Waldorf Astoria as their makeup wipe of choice. They're clean.

Julie: I love it. Okay, I'm gonna swap those out. Look at all the upgrading I'm doing right now to all the things. And I'll use it on my face, get the makeup off, then I'll just use it on my armpits, then I'll put it on the deodorant, then I'll spray this spray and then, shh. (clapping)

Ira: Ready? - Just send me a note and I'll just, I'll just hook you up for a while. 

Julie: And the other tip I'm gonna add is wear, go sleeveless. That way you can let that breathe, right? All the things. So I'm gonna look at you in your tank top, I know. Same thing.

Ira: Well, I just, wait, we're gonna do this again. I'm gonna, I do, I just got cleared to do dragon boat racing. So that's where we row. So just wait, I'm gonna have guns like you. Yeah, no. I'm gonna have guns like you soon.

Julie: You're on it, you're on it, sister. Okay, one question. What does menopause like a boss mean to you?

Ira: Power. I think it gave me power. Like, this is what I'm dealing with, this is what I'm going through. I'm gonna own it and I'm gonna rock it. I'm not gonna let it slow me down.

Julie: You almost bring tears to my face 'cause I know what that means to you behind all that. So thank you for sharing your story and tell everybody where they can find all of your great products, Ira. Okay, say your middle name, so I don't butcher it and then I'll say green on this, not your middle, your second last name. - Right. - And then your, your first last name was green, but Ira, say your whole name so I don't wreck it.

Ira: It's Kaganovsky. And yeah, so let's say a little prayer for my family in Israel also. Yes Just everyone out there, find your freedom, whatever that may be, right? For me, my freedom was creating a company that helped women get healthier once swipe at a time. So find yours. And I thank you so much for having me on. I say we do this again and your bars are freaking awesome. So you guys check out Prime Day for both of us. Okay. 

Julie: Get all the things.

Ira: And for freedom. Check out Amazon.

Julie: Go to Amazon and somebody said to me, I don't want to make Jeff Bezos rich. I'm like, actually you're supporting these companies, these women owned companies that are there. They get a small amount.

Ira: Absolutely, he's gonna be rich anyway.

Julie: He's already rich, so it doesn't matter.

Ira: Exactly. Black Rose is on sale right now and the shower spray is on sale on Amazon. 

Julie: Okay, I gotta go. I gotta go on Amazon and get all your stuff, so.

Ira: Thank you, Julie.You're up. Bye guys.

Julie: Beautiful. Come again soon.

Ira: Thank you.

Julie: Everybody, MenoWell. Bye.