3 Takeaways From Glennon Doyle's Untamed

Cover of Untamed by Glennon Doyle on coffee table

Learning to use your voice, trust your instincts, and sit with your emotions takes time. Part of what makes midlife a wonderful season is feeling more comfortable with your choices, feelings, and decisions so you can live boldly.

This World Book Day we're sharing key takeaways from Glennon Doyle's amazing book Untamed. Last year, Julie hosted an event with Glennon, where she talked in depth about what this book meant for her, how she is living her truth, and why you should embrace your inner cheetah. If you haven't read this yet, run out and get it. No spoilers ahead!


Sit With Your Emotions

Take time to find stillness and observe how you feel. Don't try to problem solve or rush through your emotions trying to get back to "happy". Give yourself time to process, whether that's grief, anxiety, or sadness. Only then can you move forward. 

Trust Your Instincts

Look to yourself and connect to your Knowing. Often we look to others to help us make hard decisions but ultimately it is our own opinion that matters the most. Begin to recognize the subtle cues that indicate your feelings and go in that direction. 

Speak Up

Many of us learned at a young age to be appropriate and not make a scene. We stayed quiet, even when we didn't agree. We didn't want to rock the boat, or make things awkward. But if we learn anything by midlife, it's that we should use our voices and state what we want and need. We need to make this the new norm so the next generations to come never question using their voices. 

Empowering and energizing midlife and menopause is what Bossa Bars is all about. Whenever we find a great resource for this, we will share it here. If you have a book, or other resource you love, email us at hello@bossabars.com. We love hearing from you!